Capri Club Norge – annual meeting 2022

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Place: Gol Campingsenter
Date: 19-21 august 2022

This year’s big highlight and the weekend where we really hope to see you and youre Capri is approaching. It is also gratifying that we can finally arrange a national meeting without Corona restrictions. The trend for number of attendees has increased year by year and in 2021 71 cars attended the meeting. We hardly dare to hope for more, but the goal must be even more this year. The fact that we this year made a webpage in english is also a promising sign. We have gotten several inquieris from abroad and are hopes are high.

Book accomodation now and we look forward to see you. Follow the event also on the Facebook page:


Gol Campingsenter: When booking a cabin, remember to state that you are going to the Capri meeting. Tel +47 32 07 41 44. E-mail: . Webpage: Not possible to book via the webpage as Capri Club Norge has reserved all the cabins.

There are also other accomodations in the area and here are some we know with location and distance to the meeting place in parantheses:

  • Solstad Hotell, Tlf 32 02 97 20, (Gol sentrum, 3,8km)
  • Pers Resort, 32 02 31 03, (Gol sentrum, 3,1 km)
  • Personbråten camping, tlf 91 55 14 29. (Gol, 5 km)
  • Brekko camping, Tlf 90 88 18 44 / 90 15 44 46 (8 km vest)
  • Åsgardane Gjestegard, Tlf 47 80 59 09, (7 km)

Google maps to the meeting:,9.002652,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!3m7!1s0x463ff5aadc0441bd:0x69599453837d2a47!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d60.6998436!4d9.0048931

Preliminary program

12Check inn and carwash
7:30 pmClub meeting. CCN members only
8:00 pmOpening and dinner at restaurant.
About 9 pm15 minutes presentation from LMK as soon as we're finish with the dinner
About 9:15 pmQuiz/Kahoot at the restaurant
7 amCarwash opens
10:30 amCheck in Capri meeting.
10:30 amPartsmarket, Clubshop, Activities. Judging
3:30 pmPeople Choice award
4 pmCapri cruising. 30 minutes roadtrip.
7 pmDinner and party at the restaurant
8:30 pm - 11 pmPriceaward at restaurant/lottery with great prices
10 amDisplay and photographing of winning Capris. Compulsary attendance for price winners
12Check out - end of meeting


Capri Club Norway has a kiosk during the day and there will be a joint dinner at the evening both friday and saturday.


  • 1-3. Best original MK I
  • 1-3. Best original MK II
  • 1-3. Best original MK III
  • 1-3. Best modified MK I
  • 1-3. Best modified MK II
  • 1-3. Best modified MK III
  • This year’s newcomer
  • Longest travel Norwegian Capri
  • Longest travel foreign Capri
  • People Choice Original Capri
  • People Choice Modified Capri
  • Best original Capri – Alle classes
Capri Club Norge - Pokalvinnere 2018

We also welcome other Ford veterans to the meeting!

Contact person:

Inge Lirhus
Chairman, Capri Club Norge
Tlf: 95 81 69 42. E-post: