Capri Club Norge – anniversary meeting 2024

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Place: First Camp Gol
Dato: 16-18 august 2024

11. August 1984 Capri Club Norway was founded and 16-18 august 2024 we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. We can promise you a social meeting with lots of Capris and lots of fun. You will notice that you have come to an anniversary meeting and this year we have the pleasure of presenting an extended program that we have never had before. Among other things, there will be live music on Friday and, last but not least, there will be track driving on Friday at 12 noon at Gol Airport! Come and try your Capri too! Capri enthusiasts from Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark have already announced that they will join us

Facebook site for the meeting:
Please, let us know if you will come to the meeting by filling out the form on this link:

Track driving – Auto slalom og acceleration test with timing

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s anniversary meeting will include track driving! We have rented Gol airport (25 min from the meeting place) and here you can test your Capri under controlled conditions. There will be free driving, auto slalom and an acceleration test with timing. This is intented to be a low-threshold event for everyone, regardless of engine size or experience. If you want to test your Capri without timing, that’s perfectly fine.

There will be prize awards, end if we have enough participants, we will divide into 4 classes: Up to 2.0, Over 2.0, Open Class and Best in show. Minor modifications will be allowed, but a Cosworth or turbo engine will be placed in the open class. Track driving will noe be open to guest class, only to Capris. However, we will consider inviting some selected other Fords, and any requests received in advance of the event will be considered.

Sign up already today. Registration for track driving and for the meeting:

Party and music with John Masaki

Friday evening there will be a party at the pub and this year there will be live music and longer opening hours. John Masaki is a very skilled troubadour who also plays in bands, has participated in a handful of musicals and has worked with other artists such as Hanne Krogh, TIX, Atle Pettersen, Øyvind Blunck and Ben Adams. He is known for having a good connection with his audience and always plays songs that fit the mood there and then. To quote First Camp Gol, «of all the troubadours we’ve had, John is by far the best». This will be fun!


First Camp Gol
At First Camp Gol you can choose between several different cabins and, of course, it is also possible to spend the night in a tent or in a caravan or mobile home.
Updated 16/6/2024: There are no available cabins. Contact First Camp Gol if you wish to be put on the waiting list. See below for other accommodations.

Cabin booking
Remember to state that you will be attending the Capri meeting. We have reserved all cabins for the meeting and it is therefore not possible to book on the website. An overview of the different cabins they have can be found on their website.

Tel +47 32 07 41 44.
E-mail: .

Other accommodations

There are also other accomodations in the area and here are some we know with location and distance to the meeting place in parantheses:

If you are staying at one of the other accommodations and want to have a few cold beers in the evening, just park the Capri at the campsite. Taxis can be ordered from Gol Camping on tel: +47 32 07 42 13


Both friday and saturday we will have a shared dinner. You have to book no later than 11.8, but we will appreciate if you can book as soon as possible. The dinner will be part of the anniversary celebration with music and festivities. Unfortunately we have some technical challenges with the ordering system. You can therefore order via email to and then you can pay on Friday 16 August in connection with the Pizza Buffet. Either with Norwegian cash or with Visa or Mastercard.

Friday 16.8.2024 20:00 at the cafeteria.
Pizza buffet.
Adults: NOK 150,-
Children under 12: NOK 75,-

Saturday 17.8.2024 19:00 at the cafeterie
Mixed grill platter consisting of a hamburger, two grilled fillets, a sparerib and cold buffet. For children under 12 the platter will be adjusted.
Adults: NOK 315,-
Children under 12: NOK 160

First Gol Camp has a cafeteria where you can buy food. During the exhibition on saturday and on the track driving at Gol Airport Capri Club Norway will have a kiosk where you can buy sausages, mineral water, etc.

There is a small kiosk in First Camp Gol where you can buy some groceries. But we recommend you to buy food for breakfast, etc before you arrive in First camp Gol. E.g. in Gol center (3 km west for First Camp Gol) or in Nesbyen (20 km east of First camp Gol).


Kl 19:00Barbecue at the cabins. Bring your own chair, drinks and barbecue food.
Kl 11:00Crusing to Gol airport for track driving
Kl 12:00Track driving at Gol airport. Try your own Capri in auto slalom or in a acceleration test. Remember to sign-up
Kl 19:15CCN annual meeting (Only for members).
Kl 20:00Welcome and dinner
Kl 21:00Anniversary celebration
Kl 21:30Party and live music with John Masaki
Kl 07:00Carwash opens
Kl 10:00Check-in at the meeting place
Kl 10:00Exhibition and judging. Parts market, club shop, drawing activities with prizes for children.
Kl 15:30Prize draw on participant number and people choice award for best original Capri, best modified Capri and best in guest class
Kl 16:00Capri cruising,
Kl 19:00Dinner
Kl 20:30 to 23:00Price awards and lottery
Kl 10:00Exhibition of the winning Capris with photography. Mandatory meeting for award-winning Capris
Kl_12:00Check out and departure. Drive carefully, See you next year!

Google maps to First Camp Gol

Google maps to Gol Airport (Track driving)

Price awards

In addition to prizes as shown below, there will also be prizes based on the track driving on Friday

  • 1-3. Best original MK I
  • 1-3. Best original MK II
  • 1-3. Best original MK III
  • 1-3. Best modified MK I
  • 1-3. Best modified MK II
  • 1-3. Best modified MK III
  • This year’s newcomer
  • Longest travel Norwegian Capri
  • Longest travel foreign Capri
  • People Choice Original Capri
  • People Choice Modified Capri
  • People Choice Guest class
  • Best original Capri – Alle classes

Other nice to know information

There is no need for tickets. But as informed about above, please registrate her:

Credit card can be used in the club shop, the kiosk held by the Capri Club on Saturday and to pay for the dinner.
You will need NOK 100,- for check in with the Capri on Saturday morning. We will also have a lottery on Saturday evening, To buy tickets in the lottery you can use cash or Capri Club Norway vouchers.

Capri Club Norway vouchers can be bought in the Club shop on Saturday. These can be used as payment in the kiosk or at the Lottery. If you don’t have cash, we recommend you to buy these vouchers.

Contact person

Inge Lirhus (Chairman)
Tel: +47 95 81 69 42