Both friday and saturday we will have a shared dinner. You have to book no later than 11.8, but we will appreciate if you can book as soon as possible. The dinner will be part of the anniversary celebration with music and festivities.

Unfortunately we have some technical challenges with the ordering system. You can therefore order via email to  and then you can pay on Friday 16 August in connection with the Pizza Buffet. Either with Norwegian cash or with Visa or Mastercard.

Friday 16.8.2024 20:00 at the cafeteria.
Pizza buffet.
Adults: NOK 150,-
Children under 12: NOK 75,-

Saturday 17.8.2024 19:00 at the cafeteria
Mixed grill platter consisting of a hamburger, two grilled fillets, a sparerib and cold buffet. For children under 12 the platter will be adjusted.
Adults: NOK 315,-
Children under 12: NOK 160